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Online banners come in numerous sizes. Here I am displaying a variety of big box banners, leaderboards and Facebook cover images.

1. Upperdeck Sports Show: This banner, featuring Jim Toth, ran on the CJOB website which would click through to his show page.

2. Power 97 Open: To promote the Power 97 Open golf tournament, this ad ran on the Winnipeg Free Press website as well as locally on

3.The Power Morning Show Podcast: After each show, Morning Show Host, Vicki Shae, edits and uploads their daily podcast to SoundCloud. This banner links to their SoundCloud account from our weekly Power Insider newsletter.

4. Looking Great at 68: 680 CJOB turned 68 in 2014. This Facebook cover image was created to recognize the event.

5.99.1 Fresh FM More Variety: A Facebook cover image to promote a few of the key artists that the station plays.

6. Fresh FX: A fall ratings promotion called Fresh FX asked listeners to call in to listen to a sound clip and then name the celebrity. This Facebook cover promoted the contest.

7. From the Dead Weekend: Mimicking the TV show logo for The Walking Dead, this Facebook cover image advertised Power 97's From the Dead Weekend which aired over Halloween weekend.

8. I Can't Believe That Was 10 Years Ago: Another one of Power 97's weekend programming specials, this Facebook cover was designed to bring the listener back to 2004.

9. Every Second Counts: A fall ratings promotion on Power 97 titled Every Second Counts, had listeners listen to a short audio clip and then they had 5 seconds to name the artist and song. This Facebook cover promoted the contest.

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